What we do...

Safety and Security
  • Alarm Panel Download. Developed a number of download programmes for leading UK alarm panel manufacturers to permit the remote management of their alarm control panels by Alarm Receiving Centres.

  • ARC Integration. Provision of integration software for deployment at Alarm Receiving Centres to permit such centres to remotely monitor a broad spectrum of alarm panel manufacturers’ equipment to latest European Standards.

  • Access Control. Designed and developed a wireless access control system. The project included the provision of all hardware, embedded firmware, comms and PC software for remote management.

  • CCTV Transmission. For leading manufacturers of detection and CCTV monitoring equipment developed a wireless transmission and monitoring system capable of operating to the BS8418 classification.

Remote Communication
  • Battery Life Optimisation. Worked extensively in the field of mobile telephony to develop software that optimises the performance of electronics in a drive to improve battery life in mobile phones.

  • GSM and PSTN Communication. Interrelated projects requiring data transfer via tone transmission and FSK modulation over GSM and PSTN - to provide secure confirmation of alarm signals.

  • Alarm Signalling Protocols. Provided Fast Format, Contact ID and SEA I, II and III connectivity for security systems. Also developed and integrated specialist comms used by today’s leading ARCs.

  • GPS Deployment. Projects deploying GPS technology have been undertaken to secure caravans, boats and plant/machinery within defined boundaries of permitted movement. Also to identify the location of road safety camera equipment.

Process Control & Monitoring
  • Temperature and Gas Monitoring. Wireless monitoring system for cold stores. Temperature and other conditions are signalled via SMS to nominated personnel and transmitted to a central server for viewing and managing via the Internet.

  • Vehicle Monitoring. We have worked for the Department of Transport developing a weighing and classification system for HGVs. The system included roadside detection equipment and data transmission/processing at DoT monitoring stations.

  • Quality Control. We have worked in the clothing industry to develop a hand held devise that gives precise measurement of garments. Data gathered on the hand held devise is communicated directly into manufacturing systems.

  • System Integration. Designed and integrating logging systems with pre-existing PLC programmes. Provided live quality control and historical analysis for steering rack manufacture at Jaguar, Ford and Aston Martin.

  • Industrial Laser Technology. We have provided control systems for high precision laser guided manufacturing machinery. Systems allowed rapid design of components and fast translation into high precision manufactured product.