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UK leading provider of electronic fire and security solutions, and remote monitoring.

Developed downloader software to allow remote configuration of Honeywell, Cooper Security, Scantronic and Menvier Security Alarm panels.

Avon and Somerset Police is the territorial police force responsible for law enforcement in the county of Somerset and in four districts of Avon, Bristol, Bath and Somerset.

Developed and supplied software to allow alarm system information to be integrated directly into the 999 emergency call handling and dispatch system.

Developer and supplier of mobile CCTV monitoring and recording equipment, use extensively in the building industry.

Developed wireless PIR to allow dome cameras and router to activate and zoom to suspicious zones when movement detected, hugely increasing battery life.

One of the world’s largest manufacturers of security equipment for all types of commercial and domestic premises.

Developed comprehensive downloaders, to configure the complete range of Cooper Security Alarm Panels.

The area served by Dyfed-Powys Police includes Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion, Pembrokeshire and Powys.

Supplied our battery powered GSM based panic alert systems, targeted for victims of domestic abuse. These systems offer 2 Year battery life.

One of the leading suppliers of intruder alarm dual-signalling devices for commercial and domestic premises.

Developed dual signalling software in the early days of development of the now famous DualCom.

Designer and Developer of wireless security equipment.

Developed software used within many of the products, along with ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre) Software, used in commercial ARCs and police forces throughout the UK.

Honeywell Security is an international supplier and distributor of electronic systems and solutions.

Developed downloaders, for remote configuration of Honeywell alarm panels, and carried out embedded firmware development for Honeywell's alarm panel range.

Limitless provides building site security, through the use of PIR cameras and guards.

Developed and supplied the EYE, a PIR triggered camera based alarm system, supplied in thousands of locations throughout the UK, along with ARC software now installed in some of the UKs leading ARCs.

Orbis provides essential vacant property services, site security and lone worker protection.

Developed and supplied the iTrap security system and ARC software, installed to thousands of locations throughout the UK.

Design, install and service CCTV, access control, fire and intruder detection systems nationwide.

Developed ARC panel control, and alarm signal receiving software.




Provider of traffic monitoring, weighing, classification and control equipment.

Developed and supplied radar based vehicle classification and speed detection systems, as well as piezo based low and high speed vehicle classification systems used worldwide.

Leading designer and manufacturer of traffic data collection, traffic monitoring and weigh-in-motion systems.

Developed multiple systems for vehicle classification, weight overload detection and traffic control systems.

Leading developer and supplier of Vehicle Weighing systems, including axle weigh bridges, bin weighing and under body weighing.

Developed embedded electronics to capture vehicle telemetry data from the vehicles CAN bus, and forward it on to a server for live interrogation.




Manufactures, processes and distributes steel products and services to customers worldwide

Developed and supplied non-contact laser measurement system and software to accurately measure and check, product dimensions during manufacture.

A world leader in the provision of razors and shaving accessories.

Developed non-contact laser measurement syste, to check sharpness of blades, during manufacturing process.

One of the world’s leading manufacturers of roller bearings, automotive products, precision machinery and parts.

Developed software, integrated to manufacturing system, for quality checking components and final assemblies of vehicle steering racks.

Rolls Royce is a global business providing integrated power systems for use on land, at sea and in the air.

Developed control system, using robitics and non-contact lasers to measure tolerance of highly classified components.

The first name in surface measurement and profilemetry including non-contact and laser distance measurement.

Developed multiple software applications related to 3D surface profilometry.