How we work...

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Understanding needs. We are experienced at working for a broad range of clients – from large international corporations to SMEs. We are able to work as well with tightly defined briefs from individuals or teams, as we can with looser specifications which change as a project progresses through to delivery. We are skilled at asking those questions that sometimes get forgotten.

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Delivering value. Our clients often turn to us for the creative thinking that we can bring to projects, and the added value that we can generate. Because the scope of our work is extensive we provide clients with a broad perspective of external knowledge. We are orientated toward the needs of customers and markets, and we always seek to deliver creative products and solutions.

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Systematic process. We do not leave delivery to chance. We deploy tried and tested methods for achieving delivery on time and within budget. We don’t believe that this ‘just happens’; we believe in good documentation, reporting and communicating. We subscribe to incremental implementation, whereby projects are divided into measurable and deliverable sub-stages.

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Team working. We are most comfortable when we are working closely with clients to deliver the solutions that they need. We encourage multi discipline teams to form between our clients and JDR. In this way there are rarely ‘big surprises’ at any stage and new processes are absorbed in a cooperative and progressive framework.

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Cost engineered. All successful businesses are continuously seeking competitive advantage – and frequently reduced cost. We encourage clients to consider measureable ROI when embarking on projects. We assist them test all solutions that are developed against such financial yardsticks as reduced manufacturing time, faster processing or higher value sales.