About The EYE...


The EYE is a battery operated, completely stand-alone motion detector with integrated image verification. The stand-alone feature means that this motion sensor can be installed anywhere and will then be ready to arm and disarm itself at your chosen times and days, and send motion activation alerts, along with the associated image which caused the motion directly to your chosen recipients.

The "recipients" can be anything from a single email address viewable on a computer or smartphone, through to small independent guarding companies or established BS5979 alarm receiving centres.

By being stand-alone, you do not need to worry about installing a master "control panel" elsewhere on your site, meaning that installation is as simple as it can possibly get. When the PIR sensor detects motion, the images are sent directly to the recipient without the need to be sent via a separate piece of equipment, as is common with other systems.

The PIR detector uses a highly direction Fresnel lens which provides a narrow, long range detection area, ideally suited to perimeter protection, and large open areas. The beam is approximately 25 degrees wide and has a detection range of 30 Meters.

The entire detector is completely sealed against moisture ingress, so can be installed anywhere, indoors or outdoors. The camera is a CMOS camera which works in colour during the day and in black and white at night. The sensor utilises 4 high power infra-red illuminators, which provide illumination at an impressive 30 Meters.

Sample Images


Operating Modes

As well as automatically Arming and Disarming at times and days configured by you, the sensor also has a wealth of additional operating modes such as:

  • Periodic image transmission ranging from every 2 Minutes to every 20 days. The periodic image period can be different for when the system is Armed or Disarmed.
  • Gate mode, for taking images of all people and vehicles entering a site, when the sensor is disarmed. As soon as it arms itself again, it reverts back to a normal motion activated alarm.
  • Configuration of the sensor either remotely via SMS, or locally using a wireless interface with a laptop or smartphone from up to 150 Meters away from the sensor.


  • Operates on Battery for 12 Months
  • Operates without any external control panel
  • Integrated 2G/3G/4G LTE GSM Communications with full roaming capability
  • Sends Text or Email images to single domestic users, independent guarding companies and large scale ARCs
  • 30 Meter PIR Detection Range
  • Automatic night vision mode
  • 30 Meter Infra-Red Illumination Range
  • Tamper protected against attempted lid removal, sensor impact or sensor removal
  • Fully waterproof, can be mounted anywhere.
  • 8 Automatic Arm/Disarm periods, selectable by day of week and time.
  • Very strong enclosure, with wipe clean fascia, ideal for building sites.
  • Temperature range -30 OC to 75OC

PIR Detection Pattern


Day/Night Comparison

Day1 Night1
Day2 Night2